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ZTE Achieved 400Gb per s Signal Over 5000 km Long Distance Transmission For The First Time


FiberStore news, recently, ZTE realized 400Gb / s signal transmission over long distance of more than 5000 kilometers in the WDM system with 100GHz channel spacing of 25 ROADM nodes, which is the first time in industry. The communication capacity of the system achieved is as twice as the industry’s most advanced commercial fiber optical transmission capacity, 5000 kilometers without electricity relay transmission distance can across North and South of China.
With the growth of global broadband services, high-bandwidth communication networks have become the basic requirement, 100G and 400G high-speed transmission technology is highly focused by industry. Long-distance transmission capability of high-speed signal determines the overall development speed of communication network and services. In the process of delivering high-speed signal, because high-speed signal has a wide spectral width, when pass through ROADM, the optical filtering effect will cause degradation of signal quality, making it difficult to achieve long distance transmission, which is a problem in industry. ZTE using spectral compression algorithm patented technology successfully solved the world’s problems, greatly improving the transmission performance of the system, making long distance 400G high-speed signal transmission become possible, the results of this research will be a technical foundation for the further development of global broadband networks.
ZTE has been committed to the research of 100G, 400G/1T and other high-speed transmission technology, and continue to put the research production and application over years. In recent years, ZTE conquered of a number of key technologies: in February 2011, ZTE achieved the world’s first single-channel 11.2Tbit / s optical signal and completed 640 km transmission over standard single-mode fiber, breaking the previous world record of single-channel transmission speeds up to 1Tb / s optical signal; in July 2011, ZTE completed 24Tb / s (24  1.3Tb / s) WDM signal transmission, which is the industry’s first to achieve Tbit / s level of WDM system transmission; in February 2012, ZTE cooperated with German Tele, successfully completed the 100G/400G/1T signal of the 2450 km long distance hybrid transmission in Germany, creating by far the industry’s most long-distance high-speed signal hybrid transmission field trial record ; in September 2012, ZTE successfully achieved 40 400Gb / s single-carrier PM QPSK signal of 2800 km ultra-long radio relay transmission by using its patented technology, breaking the previous world record of single-carrier 400G transmission over 1200 km.
According to the latest report from industry’s leading consulting firm OVUM, ZTE fiber optic network products have been successful beyond Alcatel-Lucent, ranking second in the world. ZTE ranks first in PTN + MSTP in the world; in the next generation WDM product areas, ranking second in the world. ZTE has rich experience in 100G technology, so far, has been successfully deployed over 30 100G experimental network and commercial network worldwide.