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Municipal Fiber optic networks

The city where I live, Palo Alto has a long tradition of providing municipal utility services (that is, electricity, water, gas, etc) to its residents. For the past several years the city has been considering implementing a municipal fiber optic system which would permit residents to have fiber optic cable link directly to their houses which provided television, telephone and Internet services (at very high bandwidths). Naturally, the incumbent service providers (cable and phone) strongly lobby against such moves (for precisely the same reasons these companies wish to be monopolists in the first place.) The incumbents have sabotaged municipal FTTH fiber efforts in the past — specifically in the “tri-cities” region in Illinois, around the far west suburbs of Chicago.

In this Sunday’s Mercury News, there’s an article which discusses the city’s plan to make a final feasibility study of the project and a recommendation to the city council. Even if the city council votes in favor of the project, there will be a city wide referendum, since fiber optic cable prices would require millions of dollars in bonds to finance.

As a resident of Palo Alto, as well as a technology advocate, I’m rather strongly in favor of such a move by the city, even though it carries some financial risk (if the fiber optic plan flops, the city would have to raise its rates for other utilities).

At last there might be a means of transmission which is separated from the fiber optic cable providers, something that the local cable and phone companies absolutely refuse to provide.

Imagine a network with massive amounts of bandwidth where multiple companies competed to send content down that connection to a consumer. How would this be anything but a win-win situation for everyone? The city sells the bandwidth to many different companies, consumers have lots of choices in content providers, and the content providers are collecting revenue for their content — and that’s the whole point anyway isn’t it?

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why you should change from your current source to optical fiber

Fiber optic communications explains about the way communication takes place through optical fiber. Although its history is short the use of optical fiber has grown considerably when compared with its beginning. It is now seen as one of the most used factors where communication is concerned. Below you will find a more detailed description of what optical fiber is.

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The question you might ask yourself is why you should change from your current source to optical fiber. Well, if you simply look at the growing need for communication, you will be able to make a more informed decision. The trend in communication has moved from information that is communicated to more information digitalized. All communication information cannot be possible without a carrier that will have to contain more bandwidth. As frequency determines the carrier’s bandwidth and light carries the highest frequency, it has therefore been found that fiber optics is the strongest way of carrying the needed light.

As it has been confirmed that light is the best carrier of information, the conducting of light will be an important factor in hosting all the information successfully. As fiber optics is a transparent and flexible filament, it has been shown to carry the light in the most effective way. Another important factor is that optical fiber will follow the internal reflection law in order to transmit the light and therefore the information.

Light waves need to be transmitted and received in the correct way and is made possible by the laser diode and photodiode that are the two key components to the fiber optics.

With all these carefully thought out innovations, fiber optics has now become the most successful tool in connecting people from all over the globe.

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