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Optical Transport Platforms – Make optical transport network more cost-effective

With the development of optical transport network, especially the improvement of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology, more and more components and devices should be put into use in the network to support it. However, upgrading the existing architecture of your network is often a difficult problem. We had to pay too much to buy new devices and also had to pay an addtional cost to rebuild your cabling. We can imagine how much difficulty we will have to do. So, how to solve this problem? In this case, “optical transport platform” may be one of your best choice.

In fact, we do not need to stack a various of equipment to respectively achieve the various commands. In contrast, we use the equipment with high integration to achieve it. For example, if an optical transport platform combines the OTN (Optical Transport Network) and WDM features, it can enable customers to integrate multiple access transport networks into a single network. Moreover, the optical transport platform is easy for upgrading by renewing the system control board. Nowadays, optical transport platforms are widely used in the fields of telecom operation, broadcasting, electric power, and information safety etc. Additionally, it is a reliable, simplified and timely redundancy solution for data center.

Advantages of Using Optical Transport Platform
The emergence of optical tranport platform is the result of high speed data transmission. In general, optical transport platform features of transparent transmission of all services over a single network, saving fiber resource, as well as designing with high reliability.

  • Minor initial investment, low operating costs, always scalable
  • Cost-efficient usage of fiber optic capacities
  • High performance location networking and computer center coupling

It helps solve the following problems that are faced by access transport networks:

  • How to realize unified transmission of the 100M – 10G services by using the equipment with high integration?
  • How can the network realize long distance transmission with fewer nodes?
  • How to reduce maintenance and network operation costs?
  • How to effectively lower the ever-increasing energy consumption of equipment, cut down electricity costs, and promote the image of the enterprise?
  • How to realize the smooth upgrade of a network and safeguard the investments?

Applications of Optical Transport Platform
Optical transport platform is an important part of optical tranport network. The application of different line cards can satisfy different requirements, such as Long-haul transport, Ethernet demarcation and conversion or unidirectional WDM transmission etc. In addition, optical transport platform is used in CATV optical transport through adding the corresponding line cards.

FS.COM Optical Transport Platform Solution
Fiberstore FS-OEO800 series optical transport platform products include optical fiber link wavelength converters, optical system control boards, optical switch line protection cards, as well as FS-OEO800 optical transport platform chassis. Meanwhile, the FS-OEO800 series is a powerful custom product line supported by Fiberstore R&D team. We can supply customized service cards and transport platforms to meet your special needs, and design transport platforms’ label and packaging for your company. The FS-OEO800 Optical Transport Platform is purposely built to help network operators accommodate next-generation bandwidth and service requirements while reducing operational and capital expense.

Product Recommendation:

Product Image Model # Description
Fiberstore optical transport platform chassis FS-OEO800-I 4 Slots 19″ 1U FS-OEO800-I Comprehensive Optical Transport Platform Chassis
FS-OEO800-SCF 2 x 100M Ethernet Ports And 2 x SFP Module Slots System Control Board

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