T Terabit Routing Era Came And Huawei Is Leading The Technology Competition

FiberStore news, from the multiple points of user experience requirements, operators network architecture, equipment manufacturers product design and industry chain development, the coming of T Terabit Routing time will bring solutions to these problems.

The Coming Of T Terabit Routing Time

More and more users via Facebook and Youtube for Internet video-on-demand, P2P Internet traffic has also increased significantly; with the development of cloud computing and network virtualization technology, the interaction transmission of massive data put the continuing increase information services and information processing to the network, the network gradually need to carry more resources and content, operators are facing new challenges in the network construction.

From itself, the global major operators also have been trying to find a more complete, more efficient and more economical way of network evolution, is committed to providing high safety and reliable network environment and ability of smooth expanding capacity to respond the data stream vary from minute to minute, and build a sustainable development of green internet.

Therefore, the more advanced 100G, 400G and 1T bandwidth technologies and solutions become an inevitable choice for the operators currently, to ensure its sustainable and healthy development.

Every technological breakthrough will bring significant social change. The T-bit technology as the representative of the ultra-bandwidth technology is expected to drive innovations of information technology, leading to a full range of social change, the information revolution to a new climax. Not only users, operators and equipment manufacturers, chips, optical modules, standards organizations and other related industrial chain will find their own position in the new era.

There is no doubt that the Internet is a field of “technology is king”, who occupies the most high-end technology and owns the most powerful products, then who will lead this era.

Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent and other major equipment manufacturers have already launched competition in the T-bit era. Since IEEE802.3ba 40GE/100GE standard released in June 2010, the fight of  large bandwidth technology had began, the mainstream manufacturers have released 100G products and solutions one after another.

Huawei successively first released its 200G and 480G router single board in 2011-2012, in April 2013 Huawei released the industry’s first 1Tbps routing line card shockly in its global analyst conference. The line card can support high-density 100GE, 40GE ports, switching capacity improved 1 times to 32Tbps, is by far the industry’s highest-capacity switching line cards, ahead of other manufacturers in industry about 1-2 years, which marks the official arrival of T bits network era.

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