Japan Launched Highest Speed 2Gbps Fibre Optic Network, Faster Than Google Fibre

Japanese communication fibre optic network company So-net announced yesterday that they have introduced the world’s highest speed fibre optic networks “NURO optic”, as “one of the world’s fastest” personal commercial fibre-to-the-home cable service, faster than Google Fibre. Its the biggest 2 GBPS download speed, upload speed is 1 GBPS, and supports a maximum speed of 450 MBPS wireless base stations.

To deal with “NURO optic” now is to sign up for two years, monthly 4980 yen, at the same time you need to pay 840 yen fees and 31500 yen for installation cost. But “NURO optic” service has not been extended to all of cities in Japan, only open the Tokyo and the Kanto and other four cities.

So-Net was established in 1995 in November, and in the next year began to provide  fibre optic network services. In 2001, So-Net began to arrive in Taiwan. So-Net Hong Kong is in 2001 to provide broadband Internet access services and with the SONY brand and premium strategy called preemption already saturated cable management Internet users.

In May 2002, cooperate in central Tokyo electric power, electric power company, started to provide fibre-optic Internet service. (In early August last year, SONY announced that it plan to spend 60 billion yen ($764 million) to buy a 42% stake, the rest of the implementation of the company’s sole holding. SONY plans to use the So-Net to enhance Japan and the Asian companies and interactive entertainment experience, and hopes to provide new web fibre optic transmission services project.).

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