FS.COM Provides A Full Line Of Fibre Adapter Panels

Different connector types can mean trouble for your network if you’re not prepared, and a fibre optic adapter panel(also called fibre optic adapter plate) can easily solve it. Fibr Adapteer Panels (FAP) are used for patching fibre cable to the termination enclosure like fibre wall cabinets, rack mount fibre cabinets or rack mount fibre shelf. It enables you to make quick and easy fibre patch panel connections as they can snap into the enclosures easily.

Fiber Adapter Panel

Benefits From Fibre Adapter Panels:
  • Adapter panels snap easily into all standard fibre enclosures, cabinets, and patch panels;
  • Panels with bronze sleeves are more economical and well-suited for multimode applications;
  • Panels with ceramic sleeves fit well into single mode applications;
  • High density applications can be reached through Dual and Quad LC applications.

Make sure you can handle any upgrade or new installation with a fibre optic adapter panel. Fibre adapter panels are designed to accommodate many different connections, FS fibre adapter plates accommodate a vast assortment of connectors, such as LC, SC, ST, MTP, MTRJ, unloaded, blank and so on. Whether you want to integrate 6 LC Duplex couplers, 6 MTP couplers, 12 ST Simplex couplers and many more, we have the fibre adapter plates that get the job done right. A blank metal adapter panel is also available. The adapter panels are easily snapped into the enclosures with snap lock mounting fixtures. Blank panels are available for use as dust covers.

FS.COM fibre adapter panels/plates also can come with various fibre adapters, such as LC/SC/ST/FC/MT-RJ, E-2000 fibre optic adapters, compatible with simplex or duplex and meet TIA/EIA-568-B.3 requirements. Our adapter plates include phosphor bronze or zirconia ceramic split sleeves to fit specific network requirements. LC and SC adapter housing colors follow the TIA/EIA-568-C.3 suggested color identification scheme. Multimedia modular panels allow customisation of installation for applications requiring integration of fibre optic and copper cables. Blank fibre  adapter panels reserve fibre adapter panel space for future use.

Fibre Adapter Panels Features:
  • Loaded with LC, SC, ST, MPO and unloaded blanks;
  • Simplex and duplex (6-pack or 8-pack);
  • Choose between Low and High-density panels, bronze or ceramic sleeves;
  • Ideal for 6-fibres, 8-fibres, 12-fibres or 24-fibres, 48-fibre and 72-fibres applications;
  • Plates are available for mounting Bezel style jacks creating a mixed media environment;
  • Compatiable with all ICC’s rack, wall mount fibre enclousures and fibre patch panels.

You can choose the right fibre optic adapter panel from the following factors, including fibre adapter series, number of fibre, connection type, fibre type and number of pack. Have a wide selection of fibre adapter panels at FS, also you can buy other cables management, inclding fibre optic splice closure, fibre distribution box, Optical Distribution Frame, fibre termination box, fibre optic faceplates, network faceplates, cable Ties, wire Loom, cable wire markers, Managed Cable Hook & minder, kelon article backplane and so on.

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