Fluke Networks Introduced New Versiv Familiy Cable Certification

Network test and monitoring solutions provider Fluke Network recently unveiled a new line of Versiv cable certification tester, which greatly improved the test time and accuracy as well as simplified the testing setup, planning, and reporting. This new line has an interchangeable module for copper, fibre and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing with new software innovations.

The new Versiv family addresses the entire certification lifecycle and lower instances in which mistakes are made, thereby increasing the amount of installations that can be performed. The new ProjX management system provides the overall umbrella for the Versivfamily of capabilities. It enables team leaders to set up test parameters to work across multiple jobs and media, as well as accelerates the planning and setup of projects by enabling technicians to capture consistent test parameters across an entire job. Test can be also performed across the entire job or switching between jobs by checking the different projects stored within the Versiv tester.

Versiv system’s interface is designed for ease of use in global ISO Level V test compliance applications. The tester is interfaced with an intuitive touchscreen which will give the detailed project analysit. If technicians run into a problem that can’t be addressed immediately, they can create a to-do list so it can be assessed by a more experienced technician. The new Versiv Cabling Certification family lets installer perform:

  • One platform for copper certification, fibre loss and OTDR testing
  • Certifies to Level V accuracy requirements for Cat6, Cat6A or Class FA
  • Test fibres with fully-compliant Encircled Flux measurement and merged Tier 1 (Basic) and Tier 2 (Extended) results
  • Versiv’s ProjX management system makes managing complex jobs easy.
  • Certify copper to Cat6A or Class FA in just 10 seconds.
  • Certify two fibres at two wavelengths in both directions in just three seconds

“When doing cabling installation and certification, the difference between having a job be profitable versus a loss, is often times just a few percentage points,” said Jason Wilbur, vice president and general manager of the datacom cabling installation business unit at Fluke Networks, via a press release. “In 2004, we defined the certification market with the introduction of our industry leading tester, the DTX, which was focused on certification testing speed. But today’s challenges have changed and our customers must improve their agility and reduce errors when working across multiple mediums, codes, and projects. The Versiv family is razor focused on helping our contractors profitably manage the complexities that are now part of their new normal.”

This new Versiv Cabling Certification family will shortly be available at FS.COM.

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