Fibre Optic Polishing Kits Solution

Fibre Optic Polishing kits play an important role in fibre optic installation. They are specially used in fibre industry for polishing the end face of fibre optic product.

Unlike electrical wires, optical fibres require end-surface treatment for proper light propagation. The two most common ways of surface preparations are cleaving and polishing. While fibre cleavage is very effective on fibres with small diameters such as 125 microns, polishing is essential for almost all glass-based fibres with cladding diameters larger than 200 microns. Furthermore, all fibre connectors require polishing. We will focus our discussion on glass-based fibre polishing in this tutorial since plastic optical fibres (POF) can be cut with special blades at elevated temperatures with satisfactory results.

In Fiberstore fibre optic polishing catalogs, you will find our fibre optic polishing machines and other fibre polishing machine kits including fibre polishing fixture for all types of fibre connectors, fibre optic polishing puck and fibre optic polishing paper.

Fibre Optic Polishing Machine

Fiberstore Fibre optic polishing machine is specially designed for ferrule polishing. The optional accessories – the various connector polishing jigs – allow the fixing and polishing of the most commonly used connector types. This polishing machine owns the advanced features as slow start, adjustable speed and weight, along with changeable polishing jigs. There are square pressurized polisher and central pressurized polisher.

All of Fiberstore’s precision connector polishing machines offerings are designed for superior performance by utilizing a rigid fixture system, which is significantly better than floating fixture type machines. Our optical fibre polishing machines are accurate and repeatability to consistently achieve superior production results when measuring apex offset, radius of curvature, fibre protrusion, back reflection and under-cut.

Two factors are of utmost importance when selecting a polishing machine: Yield and throughput. Yield is an indicator of quality and repeatability. Throughput is a measure of productivity. The Domaille polishers are leaders in the industry in terms of both yield and throughput. By allowing you to adjust platen force, speed, time and slow start capability, it will satisfy virtually any exacting specification.

Fibre optic polishing fixture(Jigs)

Fiberstore available for the following connector:

E2000-UPC, E2000-APC

Custom Fixtures Available

Fiberstore optical fibre polishing fixtures, coupled with our optical fibre polishing machines, hold the close tolerances and repeatability required to achieve superior production results for apex offset, radius of curvature, fibre protrusion, back reflection and under-cut.

Fiberstore fixtures in round, square models. Models are available in 10, 12, 18, 24 and 36 port configurations depending on connector style. All models are manufactured from hardened stainless steel with ferrule holes and centre bores controlled to the tightest tolerances in the industry guaranteed. Our Polishing Fixtures are used for polishing all industry standard fibre optic connectors. Available in one-piece connector or ferrule-only fixtures.

Fibre Optic Hand Polishing Puck

Fiberstore hand polishing puck is used to polish SC,ST and FC type fibre optic connectors. Our hand polish puck is made by CNC machines for repeated quality and accuracy. The unique design prevents vapor locking and surface tension so your connectors are polished properly.

Material: Stainless Steel
Suitable Connectors: LC, MU, SC, ST, FC SC APC

Fibre Optic Polishing Paper

Fibre optic polishing paper is using latest developments of international Ultra-precision coating technology, uniformly dispersed the abrasive powder micron and nanometer (diamond, white fused alumina, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, cerium oxide, iron oxide, etc.) and new polymer material on the high-strength film surface. The main purpose of fibre optic polishing paper: Optical fibre connectors, couplers, attenuators polishing; Ceramic ferrule, plastic inserts, glass tube hairs polishing; Optical devices, optical crystal polishing.

Evenly-sprayed particles on coated surfaces.
Submicron powder particles make high polishing accuracy.
Positioned lapping & polishing to save abrasive materials.
Fine curved surface polishing effects because of flexible substrate.
Suitable for polishing with dry, water or oil.

Size( μ m) 0.5 1 2 3 6 9 15 30 45
Mesh 10000 8000 6000 4000 3000 2000 1200 600 400
Round Specification(mm) Φ 70 / Φ 110 / Φ 127 / Φ 203
Square Specification(mm) 114 × 114 / 152 × 152 / 228 × 228
Banding(mm) 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.2 / 3.8 / 101.6