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Fiberhome Optical Fibre Cable Capacity May Break Through 20 Million This Year

Recently, Fiberhome said that their fibre optic networks production capacity will exceed 20 million kilometers this year, which is equivalent to around 500 rounds in earth’s equator.

Meanwhile, the ministry put forward the “broadband China 2013” special action program, three carriers have also launched their broadband speed planning. Fibre optic transmission market demand further release. Under this background, the domestic fibre optic tools manufacturer can have preparations expansion.

Industry-leading fibre optic network company, Fiberhome introduced that its light stick phase ii expansion project, the two largest production for optical fibre expansion projects are in debug optimization, its first overseas industrial base will soon put into production, also form a complete, large capacity of the industrial chain.

Postpartum after expansion projects, Fiberhome’s optical rods, common fibre patch leads, MPO-MTP fibre cables production capacity this year will exceed 20 million kilometers, is 500 times of the length of the equator. Among them, the high-end industry upstream raw material optical stick, not only get rid of the present situation of the imported optical stick, also have the ability to supply the international market.