Netgear AGM731F Compatible SFP for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel Applications

Netgear AGM731F is hot pluggable 3.3V Small-Form-Factor transceiver module designed expressly for high-speed communication Applications that need rates of up to 1.25Gbit/sec. It is compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet standards, and also the SFP MSA.

The AGM731F 1000base SX SFP module provides with the LC receptacle that is compatible with the industry standard LC connector. It is also consistent with industry standard rd RFT connector and cage. The post-amplifier of the AGM731F includes a LOS (Loss Of Signal) circuit that offers a TTL logic-high output when an unusable optical signal level is detected. AGM731F is a Class 1 eye safety product. Its optical power levels are at eye safe level under normal operation. More information about Netgear AGM731F: AGM731F module.

Netgear AGM731F Modules’s Features

  • Compliant with SFP Transceiver MSA specification
  • Compliant with Specifications for IEEE 802.3z/Gigabit Ethernet
  • Compliant with the 1.0625GBd Fiber Channel FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I Rev.13
  • Compliant with Industry Standard RFT Electrical Connector and Cage
  • Single + 3.3V Power Supply and TTL Logic Interface
  • EEPROM with Serial ID Functionality
  • Laser Class 1 Product which comply with the demands of IEC 60825-1 and IEC 60825-2
  • Duplex LC Connector interface
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of all Fully Managed Switches
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of all Smart Switches
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of JGS524F
  • Drives Gigabit Ethernet up to 275 m distances with 62.5/125um OM1 multimode fiber cables

Netgear AGM731F Modules’s Applications

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel
  • Switch to Switch interface
  • Switched backplane Applications
  • File server interface

Netgear AGM731F Modules’s Performance

  • Data Link up to 550m in 50/125um Multimode Fiber
  • Data Link up to 275m in 62.5/125um Multimode Fiber

Netgear AGM731F Module’s Parameters

 Netgear AGM731F Module's Parameters

Fiberstore Netgear AGM731F SFP’S (compatible) Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Fiberstore (the label can be customized)
  • Product Type: 1000BASE-SX SFP
  • Data Rate: 1.25 Gbps
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Transfer Distance: 550m
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex
  • Cable Type: Multi-Mode Fiber (SMF)

Fiberstore focus on fiber network solutions, provides a diverse portfolio of high-performance, cost- competitive products for all fiber optic communication Applications. The compamy offers a number of compatible Netgear SFP modules (Netgear AGM734, AFM735, etc.), i.e. SFP-1G85-5M-NE as a compatible version of Netgear AGM731F, based on customers’ requirements. They also design a customized label and specialty packaging for users’ companies. Their primary corporate capabilities include software engineering, systems engineering, network engineering, systems support, program management, and information assurance engineering and analysis.

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