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Chongqing Took Special Action for The broadband China 2013

Chongqing communications construction have made a big progress. Chongqing general board will take “broadband China 2013” special activity and “fibre optic network, broadband wireless Chongqing” construction.

In accordance with the implementation of plan, Chongqing will implement the new 900,000 FTTH fibre to the home in 2013. FTTH fibre optic cable covers a total of 2.5 million households; 10000 new 3G and 4G base stations, the 3G and 4G base stations are in a total of 29000; New 40000 public area wireless LAN access points, so as to promote the fixed broadband Internet users which reaches 5 million, 7.5 million units of 3G and 4G users.

In terms of communication development, Chongqing focus on optimizing the backbone and metropolitan area network carrying capacity, to promote broadband speed, improve administrative villages broadband, optical fibre access rate to speed up the IOT business innovation and development, support cloud computing test construction. At the same time, the ministry of industry of Chongqing issued a “rural schools through broadband”, under the condition of the communications, industry in the city take the self-imposed stress for 100 poor rural primary and secondary schools to provide broadband access and speed up reconstruction.

For the Implementation plan, it will concentrate the power of industry, accelerate the development of fibre optic network infrastructure, sped up “optical network, broadband wireless Chongqing construction”, to provide more efficient and high quality service to the majority of telecom users, make positive contribution to local economic development.

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