Fusion Spilcer

Fiber fusion splicer is a device used to join two optical fibers end-end by fusion (sometimes called welding or heating). By using an electric arc, two optical fibers can be melted together at their end faces, forming a single long fiber. The source of heat is usually an electric arc, but can be a laser, or a gas flame and so on. And the resulting joint, or fusion splice, permanently joins the two glass fiber end to end so that optical light can pass from one fiber into the other with very little loss.

As an dispensable tool for fiber outside plant (OSP) and indoor cable network installation, fiber fusion splicers are widely used in optic network installation. A long-haul and high-capacity fusion splicer can splice optical fibers of high performance , helping establish a low-loss and high-speed telecommunication line. Contributing in telecommunications, medical application, image progress, energy research where light matters, those splicers have an great influence on connecting optical fibers with superior precision to ensure data are transmitted reliably anywhere.


According to different splicing technologies, fiber fusion splicers can be classified into three types: core alignment splicer, ribbon fiber fusion splicer and special fiber fusion splicer.

Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
It is mostly used in the world. With optical fiber aligned by a movable v-groove alignment mechanism and heated by electric discharge between tungsten electrodes, these fiber splicers can measure core position with high accuracy.

Ribbon Fusion Fiber Splicer
It is an essential tool to enhance work efficiency in the case ribbon fibers are applied. since each pitch of fiber is as narrow as 250um on ribbon fiber, it is difficult to apply movable v-grooves for each fiber. Thus, fixed v-groove is used for ribbon fiber splicing which can shorten the operation time for ribbon fiber fusion splicer is spliced all at once.

Special Fiber Fusion Splicer
It has developed an adjustable fiber clamping position mechanism, electrode oscillating mechanism, and optical fiber end-view image observation system in order to splice various types of fibers, such as polarization maintaining fibers and large diameter fibers for high power laser transmission.

In recent years, as optical fiber has been connected to homes, demand of compact and light fusion splicers are rising. Fusion splicers are been updating into smaller and lighter ones with higher capacity, lower loss and greater productivity instead of big, heavy and, expensive and easily damaged old ones. For instance, Fujikura, the leading splicer brand in the world, has developed a comprehensive range of fusion splicer products to cater for every application in the last 30 years. It lately has invented  the FSM-80S alignment fusion splicer succeeding to FSM-60S. The 80S has a series of new features, such as ” Automated wind-protector and tube-healer” for quicker splicing cycle as well as fewer operation steps, “innovative carrying-case design” for quicker preparation and so on. It is obvious that it has plenty of advantages over older ones in many aspects. Fiberstore offers all kinds of fusion splicers with high quality. Welcome to visit our website and get more information.