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Hainan New Housing Will be Installed Fiber To The Home,Users Can Customize Operators

On16, we learned information from housing and construction department of Hainan province, to implement the national ministries to speed up the popularization fiber-to-the-home FTTH fiber optic cables broadband China construction requirements, to promote residential and residential building in the construction of optical fiber to the home, new housing will be comprehensive implement the optical fiber to the home work of Hainan province.

According to the state ministries issued “residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home fiber optic transmission facilities engineering design code” and “residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home communication facilities engineering construction and acceptance standard” requirements: in public telecommunication network is optical fiber transmission at county level and above, the new residential and residential construction mode of communication facilities should use optical fiber to the home construction;

Engineering design must have several equal accesses, user can choose telecommunication business operators. Newly built residential area and residential buildings of underground communication pipe, distribution pipe network, telecommunications, equipment and other communication facilities must be synchronous with residential area and residential buildings construction, synchronous acceptance.

According to introduction, in various cities and counties of Hainan province related departments to strengthen supervision, to solve the optical fiber to the home renovation entry difficult problem. At the same time, encourage and support the conditional villages and towns, rural housing project and residential construction to realize optical fiber to the home. Residential construction unit, realty service enterprise should actively support optical fiber to the home renovation, shall not be restricted telecom operating companies equal access and use, shall not restrict the user options.

China Formal Implementation for Fiber Optic Network Fiber To The Home Needs to be Improved

On April 1, the formal implementation of fiber optic network Fiber To The Home(FTTH) of the policy was put into effect, is the process of city informatization construction and renovation, but in the process of execution, some parts of the acceptance standard has yet to be improved.

MOHURD(Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) and MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information) held a teleconference jointly that asked to implement the previous issued FTTH fiber optic cables documents, they are Residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home communication facilities engineering design specifications.

It is worth mentioning that the specification is not only for new residential area, building, and it’s suitable for both residential, building renovation and expansion project of fiber optic transmission, that the fiber to the home faces the first national standards. At the same time, the  policy of the specific implementation, relevant statement to make clear, the user can choose the carrier freely.

In addition, in the process of optical fiber to the home project acceptance, the acceptance by the force of the strength and acceptance standards is also related to the implement of this policy, whether they are in good condition.

In fact, on July 15, 2010, our country had issued national standard of housing and urban-rural development of the residential area and residential buildings communication facilities specification “, “residential and residential building acceptance of communications engineering. Compared with the previous situation, the new “standard” in addition to the new requirement for optical fiber to the home, in the “mandatory norms” is made obviously improve.

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Investigation Shows that Optical Fiber To The home Network can Save 20% Cost for Operators

According to foreign media report, Fiber to the Home Council released a latest survey that manage fiber-to-the-home fiber optic network not only can meet consumer and businessmen’s demand for much more bandwidth, but also can save as much as 20%  of the cost for the small and medium-sized operators every year.
The commission said: “on average, respondents estimated the proportion of this part of the cost saving about 20.4%, mainly due to continuous repair and maintenance cost reduction.”
Fiber to the Home Council indicated that the number of households which can be accessed the optical fiber to the home rose 17.6%, reached 22.7 million, this is due to the small and medium-sized telecommunications companies that have not install fiber tools yet, not because they are unaware of the potential cost saving benefit, but because they don’t have enough money to do it like this, or no intense competition to promote their field they behave.

FTTH Solutions for Multi-Stories Building, Quick Install and Insert

Along with the increasing bandwidth requirements, and enhancing the user experience, more and more of the optical fibers need to be entered household. Traditional way of building wiring can’t meet the requirements of current optical fiber access, so operators are looking for a more flexible and fast economic and effective fiber-to-the-home scheme.

According to the characteristics of China’s building based on multilayer foreign mature in the FTTH network operators/high-rise building fiber-to-the-home wiring deployment experience, TE telecom network department specifically for the Chinese market developed multi-layer and high-rise building (MDU) rapid installation. In the process of the FTTx solutions, the protection of operator, on the basis of reasonable assets investment, promote the rapid response ability of the customer service, and reduce the overall network operation and maintenance costs, the bandwidth of the user help operators to cope with rising demand effectively. TE can provide industry leading end-to-end FTTH network overall current solutions, both in terms of room/data center or outside the facility and multi-stories building, TE connection/cable and protection of all kinds of products.

Miniaturization of spectral distribution box (Mini iFDH), its compact and high density was designed specifically for the Chinese multi-stories and high-rise
approximately install in weak electricity engine room. Its spectral distribution box can provide 24 largest root feeder cable and wiring 96 core optical cable into the end, at the same time also can provide feeder and wiring cable full welding or wiring cable MPO termination in advance of all kinds of flexible solution, support the real “plug-and-play” type optical splitter module, there are nine fiber splitter card slot, can satisfy the standards/PNP optical splitter, miniaturization and industry generally fiber jumper type monochrometer installation. TE patent integrated six slide the adapter design, make the fiber jumper more convenient and flexible, also make the design more compact. In combination with the unique “revolving door” design.

TE made use of the patent to the RapidReel cable rapid deployment of the system, the design for the Chinese market has developed a miniature light (Mini RDT) the wiring terminal box, the box provides a compact and high density fiber termination box solutions, aims to accelerate the deployment of client fiber-to-the-home. Them with 30 meters of 12 core 3 mm vertical cable wiring. To multicore cable is connected to a MPO beforehand the end, and comply with the Mini iFDH.

TE sales director of telecommunications networks Yang Yajun said: “according to the multi-stories building features, TE telecom network department introduced installation fast, plug and play solution for MDU. The plan to provide the greatest return on investment, the total cost of 18% lower than the industry at present common deployment scheme. Due to the welding eliminates the wiring cable, the traditional MDU product installation saves more than 50% of the time, and provide maximum flexibility for installation, daily life of residents and property is greatly reduced and the management of interference. The miniaturization of products design, only is a quarter of traditional housings, to provide on-site to excess vertical wiring cable space, especially for Chinese buildings within narrow weak electricity engine room installation requirements, make fiber-to-the-home easier.”