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Fiber Patch Panel Termination

It seems that we have already known that the fiber patch panel is the bridge of fiber patch cables. Fiber patch panel, also known as fiber distribution panel, serves as a convenient place to terminate all the fiber optic cable running from different rooms into the wiring closet and provides connection access to the cable’s individual fibers. Fiber patch panels are termination units, which are designed with a secure, organized chamber for housing connectors and splice units.

How Does Patch Panel Termination Units Works?

We know that there are two major termination solutions for fiber cable: field terminated and pre-terminated. The pre-termination, with most devices terminated by the manufacturers in advance, requires less efforts when installing than field termination does. Therefore, this post is going to offer a glimpse into the field termination which describes the termination of the fiber optic cable in the field or the termination after installation.

Fiber Patch Panel Termination Procedure

In the termination process, the fiber optic cable need to be pulled between two points, then connectors will need to be attached and then connected to a patch panel. In addition, before they can be attached to a panel, connectors need to be attached to each individual strand, and a variety of tools will be needed. With field termination, we can determine the cable length accordingly, and fiber optic bulk cable is very easily to pull from either end of the installation circuit.
To carry out the termination, such tools are needed as fiber optic enclosure, fiber cable, patch panel, cable ties, connector panels, permanent marker, fiber optic stripper, cleaver, metric ruler and rubbing alcohol.

To terminate the cable, first slide the boot onto the fiber. Strip the fiber to at least about an inch and a half . Place a mark at 15.5 mm for ST and SC connectors or at 11.5 mm for LC connectors. Clean the stripped fiber with an alcohol wipe and remove any debris. Set the stripped fiber into the cleave and cleave it. Insert the cleaved fiber into the rear of the connector until the mark align with the back of the connector body. Slight the boot up and over the rear of the connector body. After the termination, transmission testing of assemblies need to be performed.

fiber optics termination
In the final fiber patch panel termination, first, open the front and rear door of the patch panel, and remove the covers. Remover the inter stain relief bracket. Second, use cable ties to put the cables on the bracket. The fibers should be put inside the clips on the tray to segregate the fibers from A and B slots. Put the patch panel into the panels clips. Take the excess fiber slack into the slack management clips. Make a bend in the fiber to maintain slight pressure on the connection.

fix the cover


The processes in the device connection and cable management are linking with each other that missing any or failure in any one will result in the imperfect system, or even the damage. If we own a fiber patch panel, we should make full use of its termination function. The products provided by FS,COM enable you to perfect your cabling system.

FHX Fiber Optic Enclosure With Distinct Features

As is known to all, an ordinary 1U fiber optic enclosure can contain at most 96 fibers. As a result, the more fibers you want, the higher enclosures like 2U and 4U you should choose. Given this, we have fixed our eyes on the hot issue and eventually launched the FHX fiber optic enclosure.

About FHX Fiber Optic Enclosure

FHX fiber optic enclosure, the high density rack mount fiber patch panel, easily supports today’s advanced data center environments, while providing fast, seamless migration to 40/100G. Though FHX fiber optic enclosure also adopts a 1U rack mountable design, it can house up to 144 duplex LC ports. What’s more, a fully loaded FHX fiber optic enclosure holds 12 12-fiber MTP-LC cassettes, 12 FHX fiber adapter panels (FAPs) or 18 8-fiber MTP-LC cassettes.
Compared with traditional cable management devices that waste time, cause downtime and impede growth, the FHX fiber optic enclosure allows managers to use rack space more efficiently, and helps with ventilation while reduces heat. In short, it can meet the demand for high-density cabling in today’s data centers and simplify cable management while helping you maximize your return on assets and minimize downtime.

FHX fiber enclosure

Practical Cabling Solutions of FHX Fiber Optic Enclosure

FS.COM 1U FHX ultra high density fiber optic enclosure usually contains three sliding trays that each can accommodate 4 or 6 modules, which optimize space utilization. Moreover, the trays coming with slide and lock capabilities greatly simplify connection management. Each of the split tray operates independently, keeping disruption at minimum. We can either put adapter panels or fiber cassette on the trays to further help the cabling solution. When it comes to adapter panels, the 1U FHX fiber adapter panels can hold up to 12 fiber adapter panels to provide a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. When mounted with FHX cassettes, the FHX fiber optic enclosure is ideal to deploy a Base-8 connectivity solution for use in main, horizontal and equipment distribution areas. The FHX MTP-8 cassette is a kind of fiber optic cassette module that can convert a single lane of parallel optic signals into 4 discrete duplex LC channels, which is the optimum choice to be mounted into FHX fiber optic enclosure for high-density cabling in data centers, for the fact that the FHX ultra high-density rack mount fiber optic enclosure can hold up to 144 fibers in 1U space. With LC adapters on its front side and MTP adapters on the rear side, the fiber optic cassette can upgrade existing LC links to SR4 parallel optics by taking fully advantage of the fibers inside the cable.


To sum up, capable of accommodating up to 144 fibers in a rack unit, the FHX fiber optic enclosure serves as the best fit for space-constrained installations. Also, the improved mounting brackets of this enclosure enables depth adjustment in the rack. For more information on the FHX rack mount fiber optic enclosure, contact customer service or call the hotline: 4008-652-852.