FTTH Solutions for Multi-Stories Building, Quick Install and Insert

Along with the increasing bandwidth requirements, and enhancing the user experience, more and more of the optical fibres need to be entered household. Traditional way of building wiring can’t meet the requirements of current optical fibre access, so operators are looking for a more flexible and fast economic and effective fibre-to-the-home scheme.

According to the characteristics of China’s building based on multilayer foreign mature in the FTTH network operators/high-rise building fibre-to-the-home wiring deployment experience, TE telecom network department specifically for the Chinese market developed multi-layer and high-rise building (MDU) rapid installation. In the process of the FTTx solutions, the protection of operator, on the basis of reasonable assets investment, promote the rapid response ability of the customer service, and reduce the overall network operation and maintenance costs, the bandwidth of the user help operators to cope with rising demand effectively. TE can provide industry leading end-to-end FTTH network overall current solutions, both in terms of room/data centre or outside the facility and multi-stories building, TE connection/cable and protection of all kinds of products.

Miniaturization of spectral distribution box (Mini iFDH), its compact and high density was designed specifically for the Chinese multi-stories and high-rise
approximately install in weak electricity engine room. Its spectral distribution box can provide 24 largest root feeder cable and wiring 96 core optical cable into the end, at the same time also can provide feeder and wiring cable full welding or wiring cable MPO termination in advance of all kinds of flexible solution, support the real “plug-and-play” type optical splitter module, there are nine fibre splitter card slot, can satisfy the standards/PNP optical splitter, miniaturization and industry generally fibre jumper type monochrometre installation. TE patent integrated six slide the adapter design, make the fibre jumper more convenient and flexible, also make the design more compact. In combination with the unique “revolving door” design.

TE made use of the patent to the RapidReel cable rapid deployment of the system, the design for the Chinese market has developed a miniature light (Mini RDT) the wiring terminal box, the box provides a compact and high density fibre termination box solutions, aims to accelerate the deployment of client fibre-to-the-home. Them with 30 metres of 12 core 3 mm vertical cable wiring. To multicore cable is connected to a MPO beforehand the end, and comply with the Mini iFDH.

TE sales director of telecommunications networks Yang Yajun said: “according to the multi-stories building features, TE telecom network department introduced installation fast, plug and play solution for MDU. The plan to provide the greatest return on investment, the total cost of 18% lower than the industry at present common deployment scheme. Due to the welding eliminates the wiring cable, the traditional MDU product installation saves more than 50% of the time, and provide maximum flexibility for installation, daily life of residents and property is greatly reduced and the management of interference. The miniaturization of products design, only is a quarter of traditional housings, to provide on-site to excess vertical wiring cable space, especially for Chinese buildings within narrow weak electricity engine room installation requirements, make fibre-to-the-home easier.”

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